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Our Worship themes always link to our school vision story 'Forever Flourishing' and support wellbeing and spiritual development for children and adults. 


Worship at St Katharine's encourages the spiritual development of children and adults, alongside considering our role as a Global Neighbour in God's world. Here are examples of the previous two years' themes. 2021-2022 and 2022-2023

Each week, the themes of the worships are developed further in class. To support this development, each classroom has a reflective, interactive prayer and worship table and  a spirituality book, which is accessible to all children.

We also have a school worship and prayer areas for children to access when they wish, as well as our Inside Out Courtyard. 

The three pieces of art below were created by children during collective worship and are the three Bible stories chosen as part of our vision.

Each week, a poster is given to each class to remind them about the Monday worship. There is always a follow up thought, question or activity.


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