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Grace       Integrity       Aspiration

Our core values are given their Christian distinctiveness by being grounded in the Christian story – in the life and teachings of Jesus. They are at the centre of our school Christian ethos; curriculum and wider provision; policies and planning; day-to-day interactions and decisions.

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Grace is a gift of God, the working of the Spirit of grace in a person’s life. It is the way of life that can be found in a gracious, grateful and generous community.

Grace at St Katharine’s means:

  • being a place of gratitude, saying thanks even in difficult times and appreciating our unique surroundings

  • being inclusive and open to others; giving worth to others, demonstrating tolerance and forgiveness

  • showing gratitude for the efforts put in by others

  • being good receivers – grateful and gracious in accepting what others offer

  • recognising that we are interdependent and rely on each other

  • showing humility by listening to others and being open to different views

  • being generous in our love, treatment and giving to others




Integrity, the truth of a person, is seen in the correlation between what Jesus said and what he did.

Integrity at St Katharine’s means:

  • valuing and respecting the whole person

  • encouraging being true to oneself and acknowledging that education is about the search for truth about oneself, the world and beyond

  • exploring moral and other issues through our curriculum

  • encouraging truthfulness in pupils, staff, governors and parents

  • being open and honest but upholding confidentiality

  • making informed choices

  • seeking justice being mindful of forgiveness and humility




Aspiration is hope in God’s transforming power. It is a hope grounded in the promise of God and in his action through and in Jesus Christ.

Aspiration at St Katharine’s means:

  • valuing and nurturing the gifts and attributes of all who play their part in our school

  • having high aspirations for everyone who plays a part in our school and for our school as a whole

  • striving for high standards and having high expectations in all we do

  • helping children to understand about their role in society and the challenges it brings

  • knowing that learning and developing can be difficult and challenging and that failure is part of learning; if there are no mistakes, there will be no growing

  • being prepared to take risks

  • celebrating learning, good behaviour and contributions to school life

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