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In February 2023, Mrs St John visited Rwanda with an Education Team representing the Diocese of Winchester.

The children from St Katharine's were very excited about the visit and enjoyed the preparations that included writing prayers, making paper chain links, recording messages and our 'Love Grows' dance. 

A group of children from school, led Sunday worship at St Nicholas' church, telling the congregation about our mission to be 'Global Neighbours'. Members of the congregation joined us in writing prayers for Mrs St John's visit and the schools in Rwanda. We have been inspired by the Diocesan project, 'Everyday Ubuntu', and the children have really embraced the idea that 'we are one' and 'we are all connected.' 

Our beautiful image, ‘Love Grows’, continues to inspire. 


In 2021, every child and adult painted a heart that was made into a collaborative piece of art, celebrating hope for the future. It represents our global neighbours and continues to remind us that 'we are together'.

We also created a dance, ‘Love Grows’, which originated from the simple Makaton signs for love, grows, we and together. The children in Rwanda, watched a video of St Katharine's children performing the dance and then learnt it themselves.



Global Neighbours and SEASIDE curriculum

The children at St Katharine's have loved hearing all about children and schools in Rwanda and we have lots more exciting aspects of the experience to learn about, supporting our Global Neighbours and SEASIDE curriculum.

Rwanda Visit Highlights

Link to Diocese of Winchester Rwanda visit page here.

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