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The Global Neighbours accreditation is run by Christian Aid in partnership with the Church of England.  It aims to empower a new generation of children to speak out against poverty and injustice. 

Global Neighbours is designed to support primary schools’ work with pupils on global citizenship and aims to develop their understanding of global poverty and justice, the Christian call to tackle injustice and their own ability to bring about change as confident agents of change. 

As Jesus said, ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’ 

We at St. Katharine’s are committed to empowering our pupils to become 21st century global citizens, where they feel confident to speak up and act against injustice and poverty in the world, and are are encouraged to be agents of change, with real opportunities to help to transform lives.


Our SEASIDE curriculum themes embrace each of the Global Neighbours strands as we explore our themes though both local and global lenses.

Global Neighbours strands  - click the links below to read about some of our work

Strand 1: Why is there poverty and inequality in the world?

Strand 2: Where in the world do people suffer most from climate change? 

How can I help to bring about climate justice?

Strand 3: How do I celebrate difference and diversity?

Our geography curriculum is another example of Global Neighbours learning.

We have been on our Global Neighbours journey for a number of years - below are two examples of some of our early work.

Count Your Blessings 

Reflecting our core value of grace, we used Christian Aid's 'Count Your Blessings' resources over the Lent period to reflect on all those things in our lives which we sometimes forget to be thankful for.


At the same time, we were thinking of others in the world who our less fortunate and we were considering how, as Global Neighbours, we can help others to reduce the inequality in our world. 


The Global Neighbours Team led a whole school Collective Worship explaining the work that Christian Aid does, as well as telling the rest of the school about Grace and her family from Kenya who has been effected by climate change.  

Operation Koala 

The Global Neighbours Team decided to raise money for the WWF to help Koalas and other animals effected by the Australian bush fires.   They organised and ran various fun games such as ‘Guess the name of the Koala’ and ‘Locate where Bruce the Koala lives,’ baked cakes for a cake stall, a raffle for an amazing koala cake as well as a popular toy stall.  The Year 6 children also produced presentations about the work that the WWF have done to support Koalas and their habitats. 

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