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Where in the world do people suffer most from climate change?

How can I help to bring about climate justice?


At St Katharine’s, we are concerned about how climate change is having an adverse impact upon our living planet.  Most importantly, we want to raise awareness of the fact that those in poverty can be disproportionately and unjustly affected by the changes to our climate. All children in our school learn about the growing need for climate justice.  Our school community is grappling with the question ‘How can I help to bring about climate justice?’ This thread of learning takes children from an understanding of the issues of climate change to developing an awareness of how this becomes a need for climate justice.


Learning about the human actions that result in climate change is a good first step for children to understand how we all have to take responsible decisions in our daily lives to minimise our carbon footprint.  This concept is taught explicitly from Early Years through to Year 6.

For example, children in Early Years learn about melting ice caps when they study Little Polar Bear - Where are You Going Lars?   By Year 3, children are comparing climates in different world zones and by Year 6, children tackle the ethics of how climate affects the lives of those in areas of drought, flood, fire and storm.   From writing prayers, pledges and promises, children move towards taking bolder steps of action such as creating festival events for specific causes, fundraising, mini campaigns or writing about pressing issues. Children frequently communicate with their local MP Tobias Ellwood with their ideas for action.

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