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For all children to be curious and passionate about history by asking why things have happened, and through enquiry, having the opportunity to form their own opinions. They will demonstrate knowledge, have an understanding of the past and consider how history has shaped the present and will shape their future.

An Historian……..

•Uses clues to study the past

•Ask important questions

•Uses and sorts evidence

•Thinks critically by questioning evidence

•Compares, analyses and evaluates

Our History Curriculum

Learning knowledge is not an endpoint in itself, it is a springboard to learning more knowledge. Each unit in our overview is underpinned by rich, substantive knowledge and ambitious vocabulary, whilst also ensuring children are developing their disciplinary knowledge (historical skills).


Each unit of work is planned carefully to ensure concepts are taught in optimal order to support children's understanding. As well as developing a breadth of historical knowledge, we want our children to become skillful historians. Each unit of work has an emphasis on historical enquiry where children investigate historically framed questions whilst also developing historical enquiries of their own.


The following six key historical concepts sit at the core of our curriculum to ensure the defining characteristics of the subject are ever-present. 

Our curriculum is refined yearly, but it maintains a consistent knowledge base to ensure conceptual progression. We have identified a set of key substantive concepts, that children will repeatedly revisit throughout their time at St.Katharine’s.








Each unit will not include every concept, but over a year, children will visit at least two of the concepts. For example, in Year 3, children will encounter the concepts of ‘invasion and settlement’ and ‘civilisation and advancement’ when studying the Romans. In Year 4, children will revisit these concepts but also look at the concept of ‘religion’ as they explore the Anglo Saxons.

Seaside Curriculum


History learning at St. Katharine’s has been designed to include links to our seaside curriculum, with a focus on Inspirational people and places and diversity.  

Examples: Walter Tull. Windrush. Kindertransport.

Examples: Mary Anning. Walter Tull. Boudicca. Baghdad.

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