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“We want everyone who is part of St. Katharine’s to know that they are unique, and that they can flourish and make a difference in God’s World through living out the values of Grace, Integrity and Aspiration, now and in the future.”



Assessment at St. Katharine’s is integral to teaching and learning, allowing children to achieve. It is part of everyday teaching strategies that support, extend and challenge learners, checking understanding and identifying misconceptions, gaps in learning or identifying embedded learning. This everyday, low stakes assessment of and for learning ensures that children are keeping up with the demands of the curriculum and allows teachers to adapt and scaffold learning for those who need it as well as extend the learning as appropriate.

We use a variety of summative assessments to check attainment of children in English and maths and in the wider range of curriculum subjects, our progression pathways provide our assessment framework of expected  learning for each year group in each subject. We have high aspirations for all our children and our curriculum is challenging and exciting for all learners. Our subject leaders monitor the impact of the curriculum and regularly review the progression pathways to ensure they meet the needs of the children.


We monitor the attainment and progress of individuals, groups, classes and cohorts on an ongoing basis holding parent consultations in the autumn and spring terms and providing an end of year report in the summer term.


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