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Our SEASIDE themes are woven throughout the curriculum, within year groups and as whole school days, themes or events and as well as enrichment opportunities for children.

All of the national curriculum subjects are taught throughout the year, as part of projects or on their own and they have progression pathways mapped through the school.



Our values and powerful learning

attributes are always in the bucket.

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Spirituality – we use the saying ‘Inside Out’ to explain how spirituality is our relationship with ourselves and our relationship with others and the world.  Children are encouraged to ask and respond to ‘Big Questions’ to deepen their spirituality.


Environment – we make the most of our school setting, which is located right next to the Jurassic Coastline.  We recognise through our curriculum how we can engage pupils with environmental issues which are affecting their own locality but also on a more global scale.


The Arts – we believe in the importance of both participating and responding to the arts.


Sport and Wellbeing – we use the saying ‘Head, Heart, Hands’ to explain to the children three key factors of being healthy. Head: learning and mental health; Heart: spirituality; Hands: physically active. 


Inspirational People and Places – within our curriculum we include a range of people, (historical, recent, famous, those within our community) who can inspire our children to make a difference.  We also recognise key places, both locally and globally, and research their significance.


Diversity – we celebrate difference and explore diversity within our school, community, nationally and internationally.


Enterprise and Technology – we recognise that our children need to be ready for the future and seek opportunities to grow their skills in this area.