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Vision for Design & Technology at St Katharine’s

We want all our children to use their creativity and imagination to design and make products that solve problems, considering their own and others’ needs, wants and values.

A learner in Design & Technology will:

  • design innovative, functional, appealing products based on their research;

  • communicate their design ideas through annotated sketches, diagrams and prototypes;

  • apply a range of technical knowledge in their products;

  • select from and use a wide range of tools, equipment, materials and components;

  • evaluate their own and existing products against their own design criteria;

  • understand and apply the principles of nutrition and a range of cooking techniques to produce a variety of savoury dishes.

The DT curriculum at St Katharine's is well designed to that children follow particular sequences of learning in a series of lessons and across the school. D&T lessons follow a process of design, make and evaluate so a teaching sequence follows these stages:

  1. Understanding the context, user and purpose of the product & Investigative and Evaluative Activities (IEAs)

  2. Focused Tasks (FT) to teach technical knowledge

  3. Design, Make and Evaluate Assignment (DMEA): Design

  4. Design, Make and Evaluate Assignment (DMEA): Make

  5. Design, Make and Evaluate Assignment (DMEA): Evaluate & Improve

The different areas of the DT curriculum are:

  1. mechanical systems

  2. electrical systems

  3. structures

  4. textiles

  5. cooking and nutrition

Below are some examples of learning across the school.

Investigative and evaluative activities

Y1 children taste a range of fruit to investigate their preferences.

Y6 children investigate and make annotated sketches of existing structures and research the work of architect, Zara Hadid.

Focused tasks

Year 1  children learn running stitch and overstitch.

Year 3 children learn how to butter bread.


Year 1  

Year 5 


Year 1  

Year 6


Year 1  

Year 5

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