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We promote British values through our core Christian values, our SMSC (spiritual, moral, social, cultural) provision, our SEASIDE curriculum and Global Neighbours.


Our core Christian values:

Grace     Integrity     Aspiration

Our core values are given their Christian distinctiveness by being grounded in the Christian story – in the life and teachings of Jesus. They are at the centre of: our school Christian ethos; curriculum and wider provision; policies and planning; day-to-day interactions and decisions.


Through our values underpinning all we do and through ensuring pupils’ SMSC development, we are actively promoting fundamental British Values.


British Values: democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

We promote these values in line with the Government’s PREVENT theme of the anti-terrorist strategy CONTEST.

Our SEASIDE curriculum theme of diversity is woven throughout the curriculum and supports children's appreciation and understanding of British values in a meaningful way.

Diversity – we understand that each person is unique and we celebrate our differences. We endeavour to deepen the appreciation of diversity by investigating examples of wonderful uniqueness throughout our whole curriculum. Valuing diversity in our world offers a broad and strong perspective of inclusion, people, places and relationships.

Click here for our Core values/British values statement.

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