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At St Katharine’s, we are committed to ongoing and sustained improvement in school PE and sport. As a school that has always valued sport and PE and the place of competition and participation, we look to build on these foundations by promoting staff development in our own and other schools.

The Department for Education objectives for the funding are:

  1. the engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity – kick-starting healthy active lifestyles

  2. the profile of PE and sport being raised across the school as a tool for whole school improvements

  3. increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport

  4. broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils

  5. increased participation in competitive sport

Scroll down to find details of how we used the PE Premium, in PDF format;


School Games Mark - PLATINUM

The School Games Mark is a government led awards scheme launched in 2012 to reward schools for their commitment to develop competition both within the school and across the community. In 2018/2019 we were delighted to receive the Platinum award at the Dorset PE Conference. Participation in this process also allows us to evaluate our PE provision and assist with plans for development in the future.

Sporting Ambassadors


Our Sporting Ambassadors have been carefully chosen for showing the following qualities, both inside and outside of the classroom. Each of them are:


  • approachable and have a good relationship with all children

  • positive role models and have a good attitude towards learning and playing sports

  • strong leaders and supportive team members

  • engaging and inspiring to others

  • organised and creative


The role of a Sporting Ambassador is very important as they are responsible for planning, organising and delivering fun and exciting sporting events and activities to encourage others to be more physically active during their time at school. Our Sporting Ambassadors carry out roles including: delivering and evaluating an age related 6 week multi-skilled festival for Early Years; running daily Change4Life lunchtime challenges; leading warm up/cool down sessions during their own PE lessons,; writing an article for the school newsletter and they continue to inspire and engage others in physical activity throughout the school. 

‘Change 4 Life’ and our Playtime and Lunchtime Leaders


Change4life is a national campaign that aims to promote healthy lifestyles and physical activity for those who are less active. The government guidelines state that ALL children must be physically active for 30 minutes or more per day (in school) and an additional 30 minutes out of school, so it is our duty and responsibility to ensure that every child achieves this target.

At St Katharine’s, our Change4life group organise and deliver break/lunchtime activities (alongside Sporting Ambassadors) aiming to engage all children to take part and enjoy the physically challenging and brain stimulating activities.

Through this targeted approach, our Change4 life and school initiatives have ensured that 100% of our children achieve 30 minutes per day of physical activity.