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We want all children to be aware of the value of learning a new language and to feel confident and comfortable in doing so, prioritising enjoyment and inclusion, to ensure lifelong inspiration and fascination about languages.

A French learner will:

  • Show enthusiasm and inquisitiveness for other languages and cultures.

  • Show an interest in discovering new countries.

  • Participate in class even if it feels a little daunting.

  • Be familiar with basic, essential grammatical terms.

  • Use improvisation rather than rely solely on the knowledge acquired.

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At St Katharine's, children start learning French in year 3. The four skills in languages are: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

  1. Listening: the teachers speak as much French as possible during the lesson (e.g. giving instructions in French, asking pupils questions in French, introducing new vocabulary,…).

  2. Speaking: pupils will be given opportunities to share their responses in French with each other before sharing with the class; pupils will take part in short and plenary-like demonstrations (i.e. dialogues, conversations,…).

  3. Reading: pupils read a text in French and answer some questions about the text, find some French words when given the English term, ….

  4. Writing: pupils write their own sentences or short piece of writing directly linked to their learning; pupils will also translate from French to English and from English to French.

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