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This Policy will apply to requests for summer born children to delay admission to Reception year.


This policy document sets out the process and criteria for considering requests to delay admission to the School for summer born children. This policy applies to all pupils with the exception of those holding or undergoing assessment for an Education Health & Care Plan whose parent(s)/carer(s) should contact the Borough’s Special Educational Needs Team for advice.

All other application forms should be submitted direct to the Local Authority School Admissions Team.


Process for consideration of parental requests for Summer Born Babies to be admitted to Reception a year later than their chronological age group admission:

1. If a parent expresses an interest in applying for delayed entry to Reception, the school should suggest that they arrange a meeting with the Head Teacher or SENCO to discuss their options.

2. If, after discussion with the school, the parents still wish to pursue an ‘out of year’ admission, they will be asked to complete and submit an application form together with supporting evidence to the Local Authority.

3. The application form will ask parents to confirm that they understand the policy. If approved, any existing applications will be cancelled and the parents will need to re-apply for a place in Reception for the following year. This application must be submitted prior to the closing date of 15 January the following year. At no time will they be able to hold school offers for their child in two year groups.

4. Any applications made the following year will not be given special priority over applications for children falling naturally in that year group.

5. If the request for delayed admission is submitted after an offer of a school place in the child’s chronological age group has been made, if it is subsequently approved that the child can delay admission the original offer will be withdrawn and offered to the next child on the waiting list.

6. The form will also ask for basic information about the child and the following information must be provided:

  • Clear reasons for the request;

  • Information from the child’s current nursery or pre-school if applicable;

  • Assessments provided by the Pre-School Provider or Health Visitor from issues raised at the 2 year old check.

7. In addition they may be asked to provide specific information/documentation such as:

  • Early Years reports and assessments where this is available;

  • Existing professional reports and assessments e.g. educational psychology reports from LA where this is available;

  • Health information;

  • Other relevant information and documentary evidence.

8. The Admissions Authority will endeavour to make their final decision within 15 school days of receiving the written request (Application form and supporting evidence).

9. The school will write out to parents within 5 days once a final decision has been made.


Criteria for agreement to out of year admissions

The following list is not final and binding and is an example of the type of information that will be considered by the Panel. Meeting one or more of the criteria below is not in itself confirmation of agreement to the request to delay entry. The Panel will consider evidence relating to all aspects of the child’s development and needs in coming to a decision and this will include the following:

  • in the case of children born prematurely, the fact that they may have naturally fallen into the lower age group if they had been born on their expected date of birth;

  • whether delayed social, emotional or physical development is adversely affecting their readiness for school;

  • relevant research into the outcomes of summer born and premature child.

Right of appeal following the decision

There is no right of appeal if a parent has been offered a place in the school but it is not in the year group they would like. However, parents can make a complaint through the Borough of Bournemouth’s complaints procedure.

If a parent is unhappy with the way the Local Authority has handled their complaint, the parent may then refer their complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman.