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We want all children to have a deep appreciation of art, with the confidence to approach creative expression with curiosity and a strong skill set, which will spark a lifelong passion for expressive arts.

An artist at St Katharine’s will…

  • practise their skills and explore techniques in using different art materials

  • appreciate and respond to the works of important artists and understand the cultural and historical developments of their art forms

  • use sketchbooks to gather, explore and reflect upon their ideas (years 1-6)

  • think critically and analytically about creative works (their own and the works of others)

  • be resilient and reflective

  • be inquisitive and experimental when creating expressive works

  • communicate ideas, experiences and emotions through art

3 Main Strands of the Art Curriculum


Art History


Art skills are carefully developed through the school, for example, drawing. Drawing is a key skill that incorporates five of the main art concepts. These are line, form, texture, shape, form, space. It is a prerequisite to painting and needs to be practised regularly to allow children to use drawing in their own free expression. Children draw with a variety of materials e.g paint, pastels, pencils charcoal, ipads etc. Drawing is taught as a separate skill, within an artist study and used within their final work. With enough practice, anybody can be good at drawing.

Our Art Club is fun and focused. It gives the children a range of opportunities to practice skills, meet artists and create their own works with a variety of materials. An art exhibition at the end of a term gives the children an opportunity to display their work and feel like an artist.

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