Main Admissions to Year R and Year 3 Appeals
St Katharine’s Primary School
September 2021

Offer letters posted to parents/carers on National Offer Day by Local Authority

16 April 2021


Deadline for acceptance of offer By parent/carer 

30 April 2021


Deadline for lodging an on-time admission appeal 

18 May 2021



Appeal Hearing Dates

Between 8 June and 30 July 2021


Further Information

  • Due to the current Coronavirus Pandemic, in line with legislation, all appeals lodged before 30 September 2021 are being heard based on written information only. 

  • Appeals lodged after these dates will be heard as soon as reasonably practicable.

  • You will receive at least 14 calendar days’ notice of your appeal hearing date. 

  • Appeals are normally heard during the daytime on weekdays and are not normally heard during school holidays unless essential to avoid un-necessary delays. 

  • Where there are a number of parents all appealing for places at the same school, the hearings may go over a number of days. 

  • The school’s case will be dispatched to parents and Panel members at least 7 calendar days before the start of the appeal hearing. 

  • The Panel will set a deadline for any additional evidence to be received. 

  • Following the hearing, decision letters will be sent, where possible, within 7 calendar days of the end of the hearing. During busy periods, such as main entry, full decision letters may take longer than this, so the Clerk will send a brief decision summary letter in the interim. 

  • Appeal hearings for in-year places will be heard as soon as reasonably practicable, based on written information only.

Information about making an Appeal can be found here:  BCP School Appeals